Penile traction therapy for treatment of peyronies disease

Therapeutic advances in the treatment of Peyronie's disease

The cause of this annoying ailment is typically from two possible reasons.At this time, there is no known reliable nonsurgical treatment.

Penile traction therapy for treatment of Peyronie's disease

One of the biggest advantages is that a man can control the amount of traction used gradually throughout the treatment process, while also using this method in the privacy of his home.One, from trauma during intercourse or other trauma to the area.Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a man has difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.Information about treatment options is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by APDA.

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Scar tissue forms around the cells that bring blood into the penis causing blockage in the areas you need to sustain an erection, as the Scarring increases most men will notice a decrease in size and girth along with bending or a curvature of...

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In addition, the chosen treatment modality should address the psychological implications.Peyronies Disease sufferers have high amounts of penile damage, trauma and scar tissue in the penis.In more severe cases, the build up can cause an abnormal bend or curvature of the penis.

METHODS: A total of 55 patients underwent PTT for 6 months and.

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Specifically, scar tissue forms in the tunica albuginea, the thick sheath of tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa, causing pain, abnormal curvature, erectile dysfunction, indentation, loss of girth and shortening.The hardened tissue caused by the disorder can be felt upon examination, and calcified plaque can be identified using an ultrasound.

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After all, this was the original reason for the creation of the device.

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It is characterized by the triad of bent erections, pain in the penis with erections and palpable penile plaque.Medications that are injected into the plaque can result in edema or scarring at the site of injection.

The excess collagen, called plaques, can impede both urination and ejaculation.

Peyronies Disease, Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Complications from the treatment of Peyronie disease (PD) depend on the particular treatment used.

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The treatment option you choose will depend on many factors, including your personal preference, the phase of your disease is in (active or stable), and your doctor.This condition is believed to affect as many as 2-3% of men but recent research shows that the numbers may be higher.

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Known as penis traction therapy, the use of extenders for the treatment of this disease is supported by a multitude of studies, including several conducted by the.More recently Levine et al examined the role of PTT for 2 to 8 hours daily for 6 months in 11 patients with chronic PD (more than 2 years). 13 x 13 Levine, L., Newell, M., and Taylor, F.

However, existing PTT devices require daily utilization for 5 or more hours and have failed to consistently demonstrate significant improvements in penile curvature or length.In any case, principal aims of treating this condition should be reduced penile deformity and improved sexual function, with subsequently improved quality of life.The current published literature suggests that selected cases of PD may benefit from a conservative approach with PTT.A build-up of scar tissue causes a significant curve in the shape of the penis, making erections difficult and painful.Also, inclusion in this list does not imply approval by the FDA.

The current published literature suggests that selected cases of PD may benefit.However, only a handful of therapy approaches showed efficacy when interrogated in randomized-controlled trials.It was determined I probably got it a few months earlier by attempting sex without a complete erection, and damaged tissues in my penis.Plaque that develops can be the result of trauma, penile injections, genetics or an unknown cause.I had hard lumps buried on the top of my penis, (most likely plaque) and what felt.

Many physicians recommend conservative (non-surgical) treatment for at least the first 12 months after symptoms present.

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